By supporting Amplified arts through membership, you help us achieve our mission to offer Sullivan County an inclusive venue that provides arts-based educational opportunities, as well as programming and resources to support and amplify the vibrant creative economy for our community of engaged students, performers, artists, and patrons of the arts.

Being a part of AMP’s family means you get cool benefits along with the warm and fuzzy of being part of something extraordinary.  Some of those benefits include discounted tickets to shows and events, invites to member-only outings, and even cool stuff on your birthday!

We hold monthly membership drives so you can join anytime and your membership is good for one year. Amplified Arts is a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS, so your membership is NOT tax deductible. However, your membership in Sullivan County’s premiere collaborative arts space does support high-quality arts programming, access to unique community gatherings, and top-notch locally produced performances.


Photos courtesy of Kristin Small Photography from “HAMLET” 2017