To offer Sullivan County an inclusive venue that provides arts-based educational opportunities, as well as programming and resources to support and amplify the vibrant creative economy for our community of engaged students, performers, artists and patrons of the arts.


Amplified Arts (AMP) will be a catalyst for building a vibrant and creative community life which benefits the region and provides a legacy of affordable locally produced cultural experiences as well as regional and national artists and programming. By increasing membership, attendance and community passion for our mission and vision Amplified Arts will thrive.

Amplified Arts will:

  • Offer opportunities to explore, create and share the arts through workshops and experiences.
  • Present high-quality immersive theatre, film, community events, live music and exhibit great art.
  • Ignite community discussions.
  • Support vibrant downtown commerce.
  • Introduce collaborative arts to our community while supporting those already creating art. 

Photos courtesy of Chirs Lillie Photography from “The Great Gatsby” 2017